Taste of India

Bringing the taste of India to the heart of Saint Louis
cooked food on stainless steel bowl
cooked food on stainless steel bowl

Here at Taste of India we strive for greatness in quality of food, service, and overall experience. Enough from us, come check us out today and see for yourself!

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~Our restaurant will be closed from 5/28/24 to 7/13/24 for a family visit.
We look forward to serving you again!~


(V) = vegan friendly 


served with complimentary mint and tamarind sauce

Meat Samosa | triangular pastry filled with chicken (2 pcs)

Veggie Samosa | triangular pastry filled with potatoes & peas (2 pcs)

Chicken Pakora | chicken breast pieces dipped in spiced chick pea batter 

Paneer Pakora | indian cheese cubes dipped in spiced chick pea batter

(V) Veggie Pakora | mixed vegetables dipped in spiced chick pea batter

Soups & Salads

(V) Tomato Soup | slow cooked soup with cumin & garlic flavor

(V) Mulgatawny Soup | classic lentil soup prepared with curry spices

Cucumber Salad | fresh green salad served with yogurt dressing

(V) Desi Salad | red onion, chili, and lemon with indian seasoning


served with complimentary raita (yogurt) sauce, excludes peas palao dish

Chicken Biryani | delicately prepared rice & chicken with spices

Lamb Biryani | delicately prepared rice & lamb with spices

Shrimp Biryani | delicately prepared rice & shrimp with spices

(V) Veggie Biryani | delicately prepared rice & veggies with spices

(V) Peas Palao | delicately prepared rice & peas with palao spices

Vegetable Dishes

served with a complimentary plate of rice

Palak Paneer | creamed spinach cooked with paneer cheese

Vegetable Korma | mixed veggies sautéed in cream, herbs, & spices

(V) Vegetable Curry | veggies cooked in a blend of tomatoes & spices

(V) Vegetable Vindaloo | veggies prepared with potatoes & hot spices

Mutar Paneer | creamy peas dish with paneer cheese cubes

Malai Kofta | veggie fritters cooked in creamy sauce

(V) Baigun Bharta | roasted eggplant cooked with onions & peas

(V) Aloo Gobi | cauliflower & potatoes sautéed in herbs & spices 

(V) Chana Masala | garbanzo beans cooked in blends of spices

Paneer Tikka Masala | marinated paneer cooked in tomato & onion sauce

Paneer Makani | paneer in butter & onion sauce with light spices

Daal Makani | lentils cooked in spices & cream

Meat Dishes

served with a complimentary plate of rice

Tikka Masala
Chicken | Lamb | Shrimp | Fish | Beef
preferred protein cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with added herbs & spices

Chicken | Lamb | Shrimp | Fish | Beef
delicately cooked protein in mild sauce of cream & herbs topped with spices

Chicken | Lamb | Shrimp | Fish | Beef
blend of tomatoes and traditional indian spices for a rich flavored gravy

Chicken | Lamb | Shrimp | Fish | Beef
choice of protein cooked in hot red-pepper curry sauce with potatoes

Chicken | Lamb | Shrimp | Fish | Beef
protein, onions & green bell pepper smothered in tomato sauce with ground spices

Chicken | Lamb | Shrimp | Fish | Beef
selected protein cooked in mildly spiced & buttered spinach puree

Chicken Makani | marinated chicken served in buttery curry sauce

Tandoori Entrees

served with a complimentary plate of rice

Chicken Tandoori | chicken marinated in yogurt with herbs & spices

Shrimp Tandoori | shrimp marinated in yogurt and spices

Murgi Kabob | chicken marinated in sour cream, spices & olive oil

Lamb Kabob | lamb marinated in sour cream, spices & olive oil

Chicken Seekh Kabob | minced chicken with spices, grilled on a skewer

Chicken Tikka Kabob | chicken marinated in yogurt, crushed red pepper & spices

Tandoori Bread

(V) Roti | wheat flour bread baked in tandoori oven

(V) Aloo Paratha | wheat bread with peas and aloo (potatoes)

Butter Naan | fluffy oven baked bread with glazed butter

Garlic Naan | oven baked bread with garlic & glazed butter

Cheese Naan | oven baked bread with mozzarella cheese & butter

Garlic Cheese Naan | cheesy garlic bread with butter glaze


(V) Mango Juice | refreshing iced mango drink

Mango Lassi | yogurt based mango flavored drink

Sweet Lassi | sweet yogurt based drink with rose water flavor

(V) Soft Drink | fountain drinks (pepsi, coke, sprite, mtn dew, etc.)

Chai Tea | tea made with indian spices & herbs, served hot

(V) Iced Tea | sweetened & unsweetened tea options available

Desserts & Others

Rice Pudding | pudding Made with rice & milk

Ghulab Jamun | cheese balls soaked in warm syrup

Pista Kulfi | indian pistachio flavored ice cream

Mango Kulfi | indian mango flavored ice cream

Others (Condiments & Crackers)

Raita | yogurt sauce with carrots pieces & spices

Mango Chutney | slightly tangy, mango condiment 

Mixed Pickle | mix of spicy & tangy pickled veggies

Papadum | thin crispy crackers made with chick peas

"After moving from NY where there are really good Indian restaurants, I was disappointed in the ones I tried in Saint Louis... until I found Taste of India." (Yelp)

"Very reasonable price, friendly service and tasty food." (Google)

"This restaurant is a gem and all those that are close enough to travel here should do so at their soonest opportunity!" (Yelp)

"...this is the best Indian food I have ever eaten! I wish I lived in St. Louis..." (Google)

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Monday: Closed
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